Gamal El Sagini is an Egyptian sculptor, painter and medalist, Born on January 7, 1917 in Cairo. He Joined the Faculty of Fine Arts and earned a diploma in sculpture in 1938. He traveled to Paris to pursue higher studies then followed this in 1947 by traveling to Rome to resume his post graduate studies where he received a diploma in Sculpture and Medal Arts in 1950.

He formed the group of "Sawt El Fanan" -the Artist's Voice- that included many of the young artists who believed in new artistic styles.

El Sagini was a multi-talented artist that used several media to express his thoughts and showcase his talent such as Hammered Copper, Sculpture, Painting, Ceramics and Medals.

His works have been exhibited in several local and international exhibitions. He was awarded numerous prizes and awards in recognition of his achievements.

He passed away in Barcelona on 17 November 1977.